air to water heating system

How Air to Water Heating System Works

A heat pump draws heat energy from the surrounding air and transfers that heat energy into the swimming pool through a heat exchanger inside the unit. A heat pump works very much like a reverse cycle air conditioner, it uses an evaporator, a compressor, and condenser to heat water instead of cooling air.


Step1 Capture

The fan circulates air through the outer evaporator air coil that acts as a heat collector and absorbs heat from the ambient air. The liquid refrigerant in the air coil absorbs the available heat in the air transforming it to a gas.

Step 2 Transfer

The compressor then receives the warmed refrigerant and intensifies the heat. The intensely hot refrigerant is then pumped into the heat exchanger (condenser).

Step 3 Heat Exchange

The heat from the hot refrigerant flowing inside the heat exchanger is then transferred into the pool water, via the units heat exchanger.

Step 4 The cycle begins again

The refrigerant is then ready to restart the process and flows into the evaporator air coil to collect heat again.


heat pump work


Air to Water Heating System use in Pool Heat pump

Understanding the available pool heating options is essential for the home owner. Designed to keep your pool’s water at optimum temperatures, these heaters often operate for long periods of time and run up your utility bill.
Air to Water Heating System is another option for pool heating you need to consider. These pumps require a power source be available and they pull air into the pump and run it over a compressor and air is then sent to the base of the pool to heat it up. This design allows a consistent temperature no matter what the weather is like outside and they provide warmer water than other heaters on the market.
Air to Water Heating System use in Home heat pump

The type of air heating system can have a significant impact on overall energy costs and on comfort as well. Most residential heating systems use either forced air or circulating hot water to distribute the heat throughout the home. Install a domestic hot water heat pump, these combination systems pull their heat indoors from the outdoor air in the winter and from the indoor air in the summer. Because they remove heat from the air, any type of air-source heat pump system works more efficiently in a warm climate.



the advantages of air to water heating system
①ower operating costs
②Energy efficient option that is environmentally friendly
③Units last about 10 years
④Don’t need the sun to warm the water
Wotech is top 3 heat pump manufacturers in heat pump exporting business, with the advantages of strict quality control system and components inspected 100%. Some related information about air to water heat pump heating system as follow:
  • Wotech Wifi Control System of the Heating Pump

    Wotech Wifi Control System of the Heating PumpMore >

    Wotech following the trend of heat pump development and carried out the wifi control system of the heat pump. To offer much convenience of using the heat pump, Wotech start to design and carry out the wifi control for the pool heat pump. It is best thing when install air to water system heat pump,use wifi to control heat pump.

  • How to Choose Water Heater heat pump

    How to Choose Water Heater heat pumpMore >

    More and more people start to choose the air-source water heater for it is safe and energy-saving. The most energy source is from the air saving 75% energy consumption comparing with the electric water heater. Besides, it is without any problem of electric shock for the water is separated from the electricity. Last from the least, it does not have any gas release to causing poisoning problem.

  • The Advantages of Plastic Case Air to Water Heat Pump

    The Advantages of Plastic Case Air to Water Heat PumpMore >

    Wotech carried out the plastic case heat pump with air to water heating system for long. They are warmly welcome since they are carried out. These series heat pump are not only good inside but outside. The performance and COP is as good as the metal case models. The parts inside are dealt with anti-corrosion ways. 

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