How to Choose A Good Heat Pump

In those years, air source heat pump becomes more and more popular. However, there are lots of brands and factories. It is a hard to choose a right heat pump water heater. What are the important things we need to take into consideration when we choose the heat pump.

Firstly, it is the compressor. Compressor is the cure part of the heat pump. It does influence the heat pump life span. Thus, we need to choose the air-source water heater with big brand compressor. Wotech heat pump suppliers are all with Japanese brand compressor and US brand compressor.


Secondly, it is the heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is the part for the gas and water to exchange the heat. If the heat exchanger breaks, the compressor will be destroyed. Wotech heat pump use all heat exchanger produced by Wotech heat exchanger factories. In this way, we can ensure the quality of heat exchanger by ourselves.

The last thing is the insulation of heat pump water heater. There are lots of copper pipes and coils in the heat pump. Wotech heat pump is with good insulation. The compressor and copper pipe are covered by the insulation materials. It can prevent from the heat loss.

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