How to Choose Water Heater heat pump

The people are in great need of water heater in winter. So there are most accidents of using water heater in winter, like electric shock and carbon monoxide poisoning. Thus, what is the best choice of water heater in winter? People are cautious to choose a water heater for the safety of the family.


Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heater contains directly-heated type and water-storage type. The former one is you can enjoy the hot water when you turn on it. The latter one is you can enjoy the hot water stored in the water tank. The disadvantage of these two water heater is the electric shock danger. Besides, the models with the capacity above 6KW do little to energy saving.


Gas Water Heater

This kind of water heater is in advantage of price. Thus, most of the people use such kinds of water heaters. Furthermore, it can heat up the water quickly with little problem of limescale. This kind of water heater also takes up little installation place. The disadvantage is the carbon monoxide poisoning.


Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater is used widely in suburb or villages. Because, it can be installed on the rooftop of the house, which is forbidden in the cities. The advantage is the energy saving. But in winter we cannot see the sun too much.


Air-source Water Heater

Air-source water heater is with more than ten year history in China. Comparing with the above three types water heater, the price is higher. However, more and more people start to choose the air-source water heater for it is safe and energy-saving. The most energy source is from the air saving 75% energy consumption comparing with the electric water heater. Besides, it is without any problem of electric shock for the water is separated from the electricity. Last from the least, it does not have any gas release to causing poisoning problem.

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