The Advantages of Plastic Case Heat Pump

People are in common aware of metal is hard to resist the corrosion of the air full of salty. This brings a headache problem to all the equipments needed to be installed near the seaside or coast.


More and more people start to complain their outdoor units stop to run when they are badly corrosive. The factories start to think about the ways to prevent from anti-corrosion materials of the case. Wotech carried out the plastic case heat pump for long. They are warmly welcome since they are carried out. These series heat pump are not only good inside but outside. The performance and COP is as good as the metal case models. The parts inside are dealt with anti-corrosion ways. Thus even when you enjoy your holiday in the house near the seaside, you do not need to worry about the heat pump stop because of the badly corrosion.


Wotech plastic swimming pool water heater is safe and environment protection as well as its smart appearance. From the day it is carried out to now, we receive very little complain. Wotech usually carries out the new products after many tests in the labs with most stable quality and performance.

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