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If you are considering the purchase of heat pump, you have probably come across many manufacturers. Consumers often have a difficult time deciding on a heat pump because so many choices are available. But which heat pump manufacturers is suitable for you.Which qualification a good heat pump manufacturer should have. There are some aspects you need to consider.


1. Special technology and research
- EVI technology
- Inverter technology
- Wifi function
2. Advanced industrial processes
Strict Quality Control System
- 3 Times leakage testing
- Inspect key components 100%
- Product ID Card to record function and operation
- Audited by UK BBA every year and obtain the MCS certification.
3. Strong Teamwork
take customers’ benefits on first position, with excellent sales team, technical team, and production team, meet customer needs and bring much benefits for them.
4. On time After-sale Service
- Very low failure in the market
- Sales team and Technical team will make research and replied with 24 hours.
- Solution: Make available compensation to keep customers’ benefits

Best heat pump wotech manufacturers wholesale with high quality. wotech is top Heat pump manufacturers which integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service all under one roof.

  • Top Low Temperature Hot Water Heat Pump

    Top Low Temperature Hot Water Heat Pump More >

    Top heat pump wotech can offer, connecting solar collectors to the heat pump system further increases efficiency and savings. WOTECH heat pump manufacturers has advanced heat pump technology to achieve high efficiency under low ambient temperature. The intelligent control system means everyone in the family can control the unit.

  • Best Plastic Hot Water Heat Pump BC-B3 Series

    Best Plastic Hot Water Heat Pump BC-B3 SeriesMore >

    WOTECH high quality heat pump uses the constant temperature underneath the ground to not only supply heating and cooling to home and buildings but also to supply free hot water.Most solar water heaters require a well-insulated storage tank. Solar storage tanks have an additional outlet and inlet connected to and from the collector.

  • Heat pump manufacturers wholesale water heater BR-A Series

    Heat pump manufacturers wholesale water heater BR-A SeriesMore >

    As top heat pump manufacturers,our heat pump water heater is a special system which uses electricity to power a condenser that extracts heat from the air pumps into water. Very high efficiency heat pumps waste heat from the pump’s cooling mode to heat water at a rate two to three times faster than an ordinary water heater.

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