Wotech Wifi Control System of the Heat Pump

With more and more smart control apps arising for the cell phone, people can enjoy much more convenient in our daily life. People can control all of the electrical home appliances by the cell phone. For example, we can turn on our air-con by the cell phone when we will reach home in half an hour in the crazily hot summer. Or we can turn of our light that we forgot to do when we rush to the station to catch the bus or train. Or we can check our babies’ activities when we are away from them. We can enjoy the comfortable swimming pool water with the kids to share our family time in the cold winter even when we are still in the pool to control the pool heat pump.

Wifi control of heat pump system

Since 2016, Wotech following the trend of heat pump development and carried out the wifi control system of the heat pump. To offer much convenience of using the heat pump, Wotech start to design and carry out the wifi control for the pool heat pump. People are reluctant to get out of the pool to control the heat pump when they are enjoying the time in the pool. The users can down load the app named Pool Confort and connect it with the heat pump by wifi and internet. Also even when you go home after a week tire work, we can run our heat pump to prepare the hot/cold water in the pool.

It is also convenient for the technical engineer to check and do the after-sales service by Wotech wifi control app. They do not need go to check the heat pump several hundred kilometers away by only checking their cell phone. Then the technical engineers can update the software or offer the solution to the users. Usually, the engineers can also follow the heat pump running situations.

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